Great Price:

By having access to a wide range of buyers, Agmark is able to offer you the best possible price of the day.

Growers who negotiate a market strategy with Agmark can maximise their returns, without compromising their cash flow requirements.

Sound Logistics:

At Agmark, we pride ourselves on our logistical prowess and we back it up with excellent service, by allowing the seller 24/7 access, for when things don’t go as planned.

We understand that the key to good logistics is setting up a good plan, as well as having the flexibility to change it, if required.

Prompt Payment:

Agmark has built its reputation on prompt payment, to secure your peace of mind. Whatever your cash flow requirements are – we can formulate a marketing plan to suit.

Excellent Service:

Our team will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction, whether its to get you the best price or sort out your logistics.

When everything’s apples, it’s easy to keep everyone happy. But, when apples turn to pears, Agmark steps up to the plate.

Sound Risk Management:

We, at Agmark, are fully aware of the necessity of excellent risk management. All sales and purchases are offset with the appropriate purchases and sales on the other side. By avoiding “taking positions in the market,” Agmark is not exposed to the volatility of the market place.

By carefully managing our risk, we manage your risk.